Monday, April 11, 2005

Girls' night out 2

Another short talk for girls' dorm worship at 10:30p.

For homiletics (preaching) class this semester, I'm required to preach my sermons outside of class and record them on a cassette/CD.

I was only supposed to speak twelve minutes maximum, but I spoke thirteen minutes again. I really need to work on staying within my time limits.

After I spoke, I realized I had not turned my tape recorder. Doh! That sucks. I hope my professor will allow me to record my sermon without an actual formal speaking engagement. Then, I could just preach the sermon in my living room. My audience would be my imaginary friends sitting on my couch and paying attention very well.

My friend, Rachel, told me I did a good job. We started talking and I found out that she wants to be an editor. Cool and surprising. She didn't seem like the editor type of person. I told her about my blog and asked if she could edit my posts. She said she would if she had time. I'm not the greatest writer so an editor would help me a lot.

Anyways, here's the outline of my sermon. I was randomly assigned the topic of the second coming, so I tried to creatively make the text relevant to an Adventist audience who has probably heard many sermons on the Second Coming.

How’s everyone doing?
How many of you have a 7:30a class tomorrow?
How many of you are going to do homework after this dorm worship?

Second Coming
  1. 911
  2. Tsunami
  3. Some people on campus (10 years, or even less)
  4. People praying for Christ to come soon
  5. Finally, as Adventists, we’ve heard it over and over and over = Jesus is coming soon
But why hasn’t Jesus come back? Why is He taking so long?

The Bible tells us.

Title: Why Jesus Delays His Second Coming.

Two reasons why Jesus delays His second coming.

2 Peter 3:15

(NIV) Bear in mind that our Lord's patience means salvation.
(NASB) Regard the patience of our Lord as salvation.
(NLT) And remember, the Lord is waiting so that people have time to be saved.
(CEV) Don't forget that the Lord is patient because he wants people to be saved.
(NLV) You can be sure the long waiting of our Lord is part of His plan to save men from the punishment of sin.
(HCSB) Regard the patience of our Lord as [an opportunity for] salvation.

Why does Jesus delay His second coming?
Point #1: Because He’s waiting for unbelievers to be saved.

Check this out.
If Jesus came back to this earth in 1996, I would be lost.
Dead forever.
No hope of eternal life.
Junior in high school.
Didn’t have a relationship with Jesus.
Didn’t really think about whether or not I was saved.
But in 1997, I started reading the Bible and found Jesus there.

What if Jesus came
In 2005?
In April 2005?
Last week?

Then, would you have wanted Jesus to wait a little longer?
Would you have been ready if Jesus came last week?

The 1st reason Jesus waits is because of you. There may be some here that are unbelievers.

Like myself in 1996, you’re not ready for Christ’s second coming.
Today, April 12, 2005, you’re not ready.

Today, you can become a believer in Jesus.
All you need to do is allow him to take control of your life.
Allow him to take control of your life.
That’s it. It’s that simple.
When you make this decision to let him control your life, you will become a child of God.

Some of you may be thinking, “But that’s so hard. It’s so hard to let Jesus have total control of my life.”

So, let me give you three practical things you can do to help you allow Jesus to take control of your life.
These three things will give you the strength to allow Jesus you have full control of your life.
  1. Read the Bible everyday especially the gospels
  2. Pray honestly to God
  3. Hang out with those who seem to have a good relationship with Jesus

Why does Jesus delay His second coming?
Point #2: Because He’s waiting for believers to reach out.

The 2nd reason Jesus waits is because of you. There may be some here that are believers. You’re committed to Jesus.
You have a relationship with Him.
You are following Him.
But, you’re not reaching out to others.

You’re too busy.
You’re too worried about your own life.
You’re too concerned about your grades, your career, your stuff, your car, your looks, your reputation, your this, your that.
You’re beginning to be full of yourself.
You beginning to believe that you are the center of the universe.

And by not reaching out to others, you risk your relationship with God.
By not reaching out to others, you risk your salvation.

The Christian who continues to live for herself alone begins to push God out of her life.

Watch Eve’s mistake in Genesis 3:5.
Satan tempted her.
"For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God…"

You will be like God
You will be like God
You will be in control not God
You will be the center of the universe not God
You will be in charge not God.
You will be like God
You will be like God.

Problem is you were created. You are not the Creator.

What’s the solution to this dangerous thing called self-centeredness?

It’s simply this:
Reach out.
Serve others.
Witness to people that need Jesus.

2 Peter 3:11
[Talking to Christians] You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.

“speed its coming”
How do speed Jesus’ coming?
How do you cause Jesus to come back sooner?

Well, we know that He delays His coming because He wants more people to be saved.
Therefore, it makes sense to work with Him in the salvation of souls.
It makes sense to work with Jesus in reach out to a dying world.
It makes sense to work with Jesus in witnessing to those that don’t know Him.

And when you reach out to others, you speed Jesus’ coming.

I wrote this sermon wondering, “Why do we have to wait so long for Jesus to return?”
But now as I’ve done my research, I realize this.
We’re not the only waiting.
Jesus Himself is waiting on us.

He’s waiting for unbelievers to be saved
He’s waiting for believers to reach out

When we do these things, then He will come again.


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