Saturday, April 02, 2005

Recruiting people for song service

I will be responsible for the music next year especially for song service and my chaplain likes to have different people leading song service. Therefore, I've been looking out for people who can sing and play instruments.

I went to church today and Jill (a pseudonym) sits next to me. I don't know Jill very well, but I know one of her guy friends pretty well. Also, she has a reputation of being a spiritual person.

Well, we start talking and I find out that she's a freshman, 18 years old, and graduated from public school. [Two side notes: (1) Taking time to come back and finish a second degree just makes me much older than the incoming freshmen. I'm turning 26 this summer. But I don't feel old or ancient. I guess I just feel weird about the big age difference. (2) I'm amazed at people who stay close to God while going to a public high school. I became a Christian in academy. And I feel that I would've never found Christ if I had stayed in public high school. Too many bad influences in public school.]

Anyways, song service starts and I notice that Jill has a good voice. I ask her if she would be interested in singing for song service next year and she says "yes." Cool. She also plays the harmonica. Cool beans. I've never seen anyone play the harmonica at Southwestern.

With God arranging circumstances like this one, I think this recruiting thing won't be so bad.


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